Projects being supported by and initiated Vallejo First Corp.:

The Down Town Broad Band initiative

which will become live in the July time-frame, has been under development for several years now. Our organization actively supports these kinds of projects. A group was formed by the City of Vallejo, through the auspices of the City Manager. We are the Fiber Optic Advisory Group. We have between 7- 12 active members, composed of folks whom have a vision for our fair city. The City Council embraced this Broadband vision early, hence our Advisory Group.
We had countless meetings with some major players such as Sonic Networks, AT&T, SyFy Networks, Lit San Leandro, and many more. We then created the Down Town Ad Hoc Fiber Optic group to work, represent the interests of the DT district. There is City fiber under the DT streets and close to City Hall to create a DT demo site. This would not preclude the community of Vallejo, but we had to have an active
working network, up and running, offering between 1-10 gigs of service. We also had to create a POP,
a ramp, a connection to the world-wide-web. There have been many obstacles to this project, but we managed to stay focused to get this done.

Some of the participants, players who deserve mention here: Chris Platzer, Michael O’Rourk, JD Miller,
Dennis Brinson, Robert Brekke, Dan Levin, Tom Bartee, CCRC, David Fisher, CCRC, Nick Marcisz, Gregg Goins, David Schultens, Video Technologist, CSUS, Erin Hannigan, County Supervisor and Sandy Person, EDC. From City Staff, Daniel Keen, City Manager, Ron Gerber, Economic Development Mgr., Will Morat, City Staff, Greg Taylor, CIO, and Vallejo City Council of course. Rob Volker took our group on field trips to explain the Fiber in the ground concept, so we thank him too.
We have a major Fiber Optic resource under our streets so the city has moved at break-neck speed to get this initiative up and running, well done city. They are partnering with Inyo Networks, located on MI with real-world experience so this is good partnership. This project is supported by many Stakeholders: CCRC, DT Building owners; Vallejo Chamber of Commerce; Vallejo 1st Corp; City of Vallejo; LMI; VCUSD;
and County Board of Supervisors to name a few.

The end result will be a competitive offering from Inyo Networks / City of Vallejo. The Down Town District is an ideal local because proximity to the city-fiber. There is affordable commercial building
Leases in the DT district, access from High-Speed Ferry service and major highways all converging on Vallejo. The City of Benicia has been working on their Fiber Optic plan for several years to modernize and market the Industrial Park area. The quoted price according to the Times Herald is about 5 million dollars. We already have this resource buried underground so you can see why our City is launching our fiber network.

SF Business Times Marketing Insert for City of Vallejo

The 2nd project spearheaded by Vallejo Corp First with the help from Tom Sheaff, LMI, Annette Taylor and Slater Matzke of Economic Development Dept. I saw a detailed advertising insert in SF Business Times on the City of Richmond, CA. This insert came out Oct. 14, 2016 issue. This caught my eye because our City has many positive attributes itself. We should do something similar to promote our city. I did contact Tom Sheaff and he had been trying to get the city to do something like this. I contacted Annette Taylor and presented this concept to Economic Development and set up a conference call with City of Richmond. This concept moved forward with a presentation by SF Business Times staff. Since we needed a venue for our Broadband initiative a City of Vallejo Marketing insert would be needed.
Of course there are many more positive attributes such as ample power infrastructure in place, water resources, a Water Treatment plant and now our Broadband Fiber Optic offering. This is what we need to let the outside world know about our city and move us forward into the 21st century. Because of our efforts, there will be a Vallejo Marketing insert coming out in September so I will keep you posted. This insert will go to all the major commercial and technology areas in the Bay Area, which means lots of positive exposure.

This is a major effort by the City of Vallejo to put our best foot forward and I and many Stakeholders believe this appropriate.

Beautification Efforts in the Down Town District.

In a joint proposal to the City of Vallejo with our partner CCRC, we are requesting the installation of dog bag dispensers along Georgia, Virginia and Marin Street to combat the ever growing mess of left behind dog poop by their owners. We have more dog walkers than before and this needs to be addressed.
The City of Benicia has a City-wide program on-going for 8 successful years now. Our City already uses Zero Waste down on the walking path near the New Dock facility so this will be a slam dunk. We are requesting about 15 dispensers.

Vallejo 1st maintains about 40 stone planters on the Georgia Street corridor, which most have been adorned with ceramic years ago by Vallejo Main Street. We try to keep the planters free of debris, weeded and maintained. The City of Vallejo with the help of Vince Miller has been very helpful. We have had many issues with the bottom-up water delivery systems, which Vince and his crew have repaired. We do the work and CCRC cuts a check, which goes to Vallejo 1st so this helps us make a little money. We do appreciate CCRC for this.

Also working with Beautification Committee to develop plant materials list so we can implement consistent program. We need more drought-tolerant plant species in the stone planters so Vince
And his crew will help with the plantings once the details are worked out. We hope add lot of color too.

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